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Jump starts, fuel deliveries, tire changes, and lock outs. Roadside assistance wherever you are, with an arrival time of less than an hour.

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We'll come to you wherever you are, at any time of the day. Receive updates throughout the process from the ARS team.

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Our Technicians will fix your issue quickly and safely making sure your unfortunate situation is handled reasonably.

Tire Changes

Get a flat without realizing? Accidentally run over a nail? With ARS, one of our skilled technicians will come to you and put on your spare tire. After scheduling, make things faster by locating your spare and making sure there is a clear path for our technician to grab it.

Jump Starts

Battery won't start? One of our technicians will come to you, jump start your car, and make sure it's running smoothly before leaving. Schedule a jump start with Auto Rescue Solutions to get back on the road!

Licensed Lockouts

Accidentally leave your keys in your car after locking the doors? One of our technicians will help unlock your door and get your keys without leaving a scratch. Schedule a lock out with Auto Rescue Solutions to get back in your car now!

Fuel Deliveries

Ran out of fuel before you could get to a gas station? One of our technicians will deliver enough fuel for you to find one nearby. Schedule a fuel delivery with Auto Rescue Solutions to get back on the road!

He called to let me know where he was, that he was on his way and about how long it would take for him to get to where I was. He was fast and when he got there he had the job done in no time! Awesome job!!


Thanks so much for taking care of my flat tire. My wait time was less than 30 minutes and the young man was very professional. Removed the flat tire replaced it with my donut and made sure it was fully inflated before leaving. Thanks!


I didn't know what to expect from a service like this, but they were just what I could have hoped for. They sent someone out and got my car unlocked in a jiffy and didn't charge nearly as much as the other services I called.


I had locked my keys and was going to be late to work. I thought I was going to be extremely late but they arrived sooner than the estimated time. The tech unlocked my car in less than 5 min. I was only late 10 min. They definitely saved my day!


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