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Are you in need of the most reliable, quick and professional roadside assistance in the St Louis area? Auto Rescue Solutions is here to help. Our network of qualified technicians will make sure you get back to your schedule quickly and safely.

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Roadside Assistance from ARS

Auto Rescue Solutions professional and fast roadside assistance services provides award winning assistance for your car. By choosing us for those classic emergency situations like flat tires, jump starts, fuel deliveries, and door unlocks, you'll get a qualified Technician dispatched quickly to your location!

Reach out to us today at 833-942-4008 to schedule your rescue! Get the professional service your vehicle deserves and a dedicated dispatch team committed to provide you with consistent updates. When it comes to your roadside rescue, you absolutely need to know what is happening, when it is happening. Don't wait! Schedule with us now and get back on the road fast!

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Who Are We?

With well over two decades of experience as a dedicated and dutiful roadside assistance provider, Auto Rescue Solutions has earned the trust of the leading name-brand insurance companies by helping thousands of St Louis citizens get back on the road and reunited with their families safely each year.

What Services Do We Offer?

Roadside Assistance Lock Out

Lock Outs

Did you lock your keys inside your car accidentally? No worries, no sweat, no problem! Our experienced network of roadside technicians can help you get back into to your vehicle with tools that won't cause any damage. Start your rescue by scheduling a lock out service with Auto Rescue Solutions and we'll send a technician to help you get into your car. Get back on the road now!
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Roadside Assistance Jump Start

Jump Starts

If you're having trouble getting your car to start in St Louis, Auto Rescue Solutions is here to help rescue you! Our network of technicians will come out to you, jump start your vehicle using cables or a jump box, and then wait to ensure it's running properly before leaving the scene. Schedule a jump start with us to get back on the road!
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Roadside Assistance Fuel Delivery

Fuel Deliveries

If you've run out of fuel / gas in STL and can't make it to a gas station, Auto Rescue Solutions is here to help! Our network of technicians will go get you fuel to get you to your nearest gas station. So schedule your fuel delivery service with us to get back on the road!
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Roadside Assistance Tire Change

Tire Changes

If you have a flat tire, Auto Rescue Solutions is ready to change it! A skilled technician in STL will drive out to your location to replace that stressful flat tire with the spare in your vehicle. To make the process faster, be sure to locate your spare tire and clear the area for the technician to access it and work in prior to scheduling a service with us.
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How Does It Work?

Roadside Assistance for St Louis Metro
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What Cities Do We Service?

St Louis Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance St Louis

ARS services roadside tire changes, jump starts, lock outs and fuel deliveries in the St. Louis Area. Some of those cities include Chesterfield, Arnold, Ballwin, Fenton, Florissant, Wildwood, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, Earth City, High Ridge, House Springs, Imperial, St. Ann, Valley Park, St. Louis, St. Charles, O'Fallon, Lake St Louis, St. Peters and other surrounding area.